Environmental management 

Offshore project proposal 

OPP submission cover sheet (DOCX 112KB)

Environment plan 

Environment plan submission cover sheet (DOCX 102KB)

Environment plan summary statement form (DOCX 91KB)

Titleholder report on public comments

Titleholder report on public comments form (DOCX 102KB)

Financial assurance 

Financial assurance confirmation form (PDF 236KB)

Financial assurance declaration form (PDF 304KB)

Start & end of a petroleum activity

Regulation 29 - Notification of start and end of activity form (DOCX 144KB)

End of operation of an environment plan 

Notification of end of operation of environment plan form (DOCX 94KB)

Safety & integrity

Operator nomination & registration

Facility operator nomination form (DOCX 178KB)

Analysis of operator status form (DOCX 199KB) 

Removal of existing facility operator from operator register form (DOCX 60KB)

Safety case

Safety case submission cover sheet (DOCX 235KB)

Safety case content concordance table (DOC 241KB)

Well operations management plan

Well operations management plan submission cover sheet (DOCX 197KB)

Well activities 

Application to undertake well activities cover sheet (DOCX 197KB)

Well activities notification cover sheet (DOCX 210KB)

Well abandonment 

End of well abandonment report cover sheet (DOCX 199KB)

Diving safety management system

Diving safety management system submission cover sheet (DOCX 191KB)

Diving safety management system concordance tables (DOCX 239KB)

Diving project plan

Diving project plan (DPP) concordance table (DOCX 101KB)

Petroleum safety zone application

Application for a petroleum safety zone form (DOCX 100KB)

Application form for consent to enter a Petroleum Safety Zone (DOC 114KB)

Application form for a petroleum safety zone variation (DOCX 91KB)

Application form to revoke a petroleum safety zone (DOCX 84KB)

Area to be avoided (ATBA) application

Application form for authorisation to enter the area to be avoided (DOC 107KB)

Health and safety representatives

Provisional OHS improvement notice form (DOC 57KB)

Request for NOPSEMA agreement to HSR assistance by consultant form (DOCX 85KB)

Reporting of safety, well integrity or environmental incidents

Accidents, dangerous occurrences & environmental incidents

Report of an accident, dangerous occurrence or environmental incident form (DOCX 127KB)

Deaths and injuries - monthly summary report form (DOC 148KB)

Monthly environmental incident reports form (DOC 74KB)

Well integrity incidents 

Notification and reporting of well integrity incidents forms (DOCX 118KB)

Petroleum safety zone infringements 

Report of an alleged petroleum safety zone infringement form (DOC 261KB)