Gazetted notices

The following table will be updated with copies of notices that establish a Petroleum or Greenhouse Gas Safety Zone (PSZ or GGSZ) as they are published in the gazette. Notices will remain available as a link via the table until expiry or by a revocation notice published in the Gazette.

Please note the table includes notices that were issued by the relevant state and Northern Territory designated authority prior to 1/1/2012; at which time NOPSEMA became responsible under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 (the OPGGS Act) for the administration of PSZs. NOPSEMA is in no way responsible for the detail contained therein.

In conjunction with titleholders, NOPSEMA has endeavoured to identify all established safety zones and to the best of its knowledge believes the following table of safety zone Gazettals to be current and in force. However, should you have records of gazetted safety zones that do not appear in the table, that you believe to be current and in force and that have neither expired or been revoked by a notice in the gazette, please contact NOPSEMA at to discuss.

Current notices

Title Well(s), Structure(s) and/or Equipment Type of notice Valid from Valid to Gazettal Notice
WA-9-L Wanaea 8 (WELL) PSZ 18/02/2005 until revoked A269191_0.pdf
WA-50-L Brewster Drill Centres, CPF Ichthys Explorer, FPSO turret mooring, hydrocarbon transfer lines and subsea infrastructure between CPF and FPSO, flexible risers connecting flowlines to CPF topsides, and FLETS between flexible condensate transfer line and rig PSZ 08/06/2021 until revoked A795110.pdf
WA-5-L Goodwyn A Platform PSZ 28/11/2016 until revoked A525466.pdf
WA-49-L Brunello Production manifold, Crossover Manifold and BRUA-2a, BRUA-3, BRUA-4, BRUA-5 and BRUA-6 production wells PSZ 02/10/2017 until revoked A572101.pdf
WA-49-L Balnaves wells BAL-5H, BAL-6H, BAL-7WI & BAL-8GI PSZ 08/05/2017 until revoked A550101.pdf
WA-44-L Turret, riser base manifold & moorings, Drill centre 1P PSZ 01/10/2015 until revoked A441884.pdf
WA-42-L Pyrenees Venture FPSO and internal Turret PSZ 31/12/2009 until revoked A267930.pdf
WA-42-L MAC-07, MAC-08, MAC-09, MAC-10 PSZ 01/07/2013 until revoked A296248.pdf
WA-36-L, WA-37-L & WA-39-L Gorgon GMT midline pipeline termination structure, Jansz umbilical midline connection assembly, and Gorgon M1, Gorgon M2 and Gorgon M3 wells PSZ 19/06/2017 until revoked A556034.pdf
WA-33-L Blacktip Wellhead Platform (PLATFORM) and Blacktip Pipeline Spool Bend PSZ 10/07/2009 until revoked A267917.pdf
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