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Providing the public with opportunities for participation and consultation is an integral part of environmental impact assessment and assists in ensuring responsible offshore petroleum environmental management.

NOPSEMA publishes offshore project proposals (OPP) that are open for public comment following its determination that the OPP is suitable for publication. The public then have an opportunity to review and provide comment on the OPP.

All public comment submissions, including any objections or claims about the project or an activity in the project, are to be made directly to NOPSEMA. A copy of the comments received will be provided to the proponent for their consideration. The proponent must then submit to NOPSEMA a consultation report that includes a summary of the comments received, an assessment of the merits of each objection or claim about the project or any activity within the project, a statement of their response to each comment, and a description of any changes made to the OPP as a result of an objection or claim.

If the OPP meets the criteria set out in the Environment Regulations and the OPP is accepted, NOPSEMA will publish the final OPP in full on its website.

For more information about OPPs see the Offshore Project Proposals page

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Amulet Development (OPP #)

Kato Energy Pty Ltd

Project Description: KATO Energy Pty Ltd (KATO) plans to develop the Amulet and Talisman fields using a relocatable system known as the ‘honeybee production system’.

The WA-8-L, approximately located ~132 km north of Dampier in the north-west of Australia, in water depths of approximately ~80 m.

Submitted: 14/08/2020

Public comment period: 03/09/2020 - 15/10/2020


OPP - Amulet Development project - Rev 4 - April 2021 (PDF 70MB)

Draft for public comment - Amulet Development Offshore Project Proposal- Rev 2 - September 2019 (PDF 64MB)

Statement of Reasons - Acceptance of Amulet Development project - April 2021 (PDF 14MB)

Corowa Development (OPP #4950)

KATO Energy Pty Ltd

Project description: The Corowa oil field is proposed to be developed using a jack-up mobile offshore production unit (MOPU) with oil stored on a moored floating storage and offloading facility or transferred direct to shuttle tankers.

The Corowa field, approximately 60 kilometres from Onslow in the north-west of Australia, in water depths of approximately 90 metres.


Public comment period: 27/02/2020 -23/04/2020


OPP - Corowa Development project - Rev 9 - April 2021 (PDF 56MB)

Draft for public comment - Corowa Development Project - February 2020 (PDF 105MB)

Statement of Reasons - Acceptance of Corowa Development project - April 2021 (PDF 15MB)

Scarborough Development (OPP #4765)

Woodside Energy Limited

Project description: Construction of subsea, high-rate gas wells, tied back to a semi-submersible floating production unit moored in approximately 900 metres of water close to the Scarborough field.

Greater Scarborough gas fields, approximately 375 kilometres off the Burrup Peninsula in Commonwealth waters adjacent to Western Australia.



Public comment period:

05/07/2019 -30/08/2019


OPP - Scarborough gas project - Rev 5 - February 2020 (PDF 25MB)

OPP - Scarborough gas project - Appendices - Rev 5 - February 2020 (PDF 104MB)

Statement of Reasons - Acceptance of Scarborough gas project OPP - April 2020 (PDF 253KB)

Crux Development (OPP #4636)

Shell Australia Pty Ltd

Project description: A not normally manned platform, production wells, export pipeline and subsea integration system connecting to the existing Prelude floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility

Crux gas field, approximately 160 kilometres north-east of the Prelude field in the northern Browse Basin, offshore Western Australia.



Public comment period:

04/02/2019 - 18/03/2019


OPP - Crux Development - Rev 7 - August 2020 (PDF 17MB)

OPP - Crux Development - Appendices - Rev 7 - August 2020 (PDF 132MB)

Statement of reasons - Acceptance Crux Development project OPP - August 2020 (PDF 11MB)

Barossa Area Development (OPP #3696)

ConocoPhillips Australia Exploration Pty Ltd

Project description: Subsea wells, flowlines, fixed platform and floating production facilities, petroleum product export pipeline to connect to the existing Bayu-Undan pipeline in Commonwealth waters.

Bonaparte Basin, approximately 300 kilometres north of Darwin, Northern Territory.



Public comment period:

13/07/2017 - 06/09/2017




OPP - Barossa Area Development - Rev 5 - March 2018 (PDF 22MB)

OPP - Barossa Area Development - Appendices - Rev 5 - March 2018 (PDF 90MB)

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