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Timing of Equinor environment plan decision

NOPSEMA will not be making announcements associated with the Equinor environment plan during the Christmas/New Year period. For more information see the news & media page.

NOPSEMA resumes assessment of Equinor's environment plan

Equinor has resubmitted its environment plan for proposed drilling in the Great Australian Bight. For more information see the news and media page.

Clarifying relevant persons

NOPSEMA recognises the need for further clarification in categorising a person or organisation as a relevant person and has published a bulletin to address this and provide good practice advice on how to get the most out of engagement. For more information see the Clarifying statutory requirements and good practice consultation (PDF 708KB) bulletin.

NOPSEMA responds to Chief Scientist’s Audit findings

NOPSEMA has addressed the findings of the Chief Scientist's Audit into NOPSEMA’s consideration of exploration in the Great Australian Bight by publishing responses and intended actions. For more information see the news and media page.

NOPSEMA requires Equinor to modify and resubmit environment plan 

NOPSEMA has issued a notice to Equinor requiring them to modify and resubmit their environment plan for proposed drilling in the Great Australian Bight. For more information see the news and media page.

Powers of HSRs guidance note open for comment 

A draft of the Powers of Health and Safety Representatives guidance note is now open for comment. For more information see NOPSEMA consultation hub.

Drilling rig issued with prohibition notice to prevent unsafe practice

NOPSEMA has issued a prohibition notice as a result of a serious injury on a mobile offshore drilling unit – the Ocean Monarch – operating in the Bass Strait. For more information see the news and media page.

Published: Operational risk assessment guidance note

Following two rounds of industry feedback and an operational risk assessment (ORA) workshop, NOPSEMA has finalised its Operational risk assessment guidance note. For more information, see the news and media page.

NOPSEMA extends decision timeframe for Equinor environment plan 

NOPSEMA has advised Equinor that it is unable to make a decision on their environment plan within the initial 30 day assessment period, following the submission of additional information. For more information see the news and media page.

NOPSEMA welcomes Chief Scientist's Audit Report

NOPSEMA has today welcomed the findings of the Chief Scientist’s Audit Report regarding NOPSEMA’s consideration of exploration in the Great Australian Bight. More here

NOPSEMA resumes assessment of Equinor's environment plan 

In accordance with the Environment Regulations, NOPSEMA has resumed its assessment of Equinor’s environment plan. For more information see the news and media page.


the Regulator | Issue 3: 2019

This quarterly magazine is intended to keep stakeholders informed of NOPSEMA’s activities and priorities, relevant legislative reform, and emerging industry issues.


  • Message from the Chief Executive
  • Independent Audit confirms NOPSEMA as an effective regulator 
  • Australia joins inaugural meeting of offshore wind regulators  
  • Future directions: Australia's offshore energy regulator 
  • Inspection focus areas for 2019-20
  • The importance of planning for decommissioning during the life of an activity 
  • Adding to the HSR toolbox: Learning about bowties at the HSR Forum
  • How to make effective public comment on environment plans 
  • Consideration of risks from seismic events 
  • Criminal prosecutions and NOPSEMA's role 
  • Expecting the unexpected: NOPSEMA responds to bridge collapse to ensure business as usual
  • Keeping up with NOPSEMA 
  • NOPSEMA forges closer relationship with the ANP
  • The effects of noise on aquatic life conference - July 2019
  • 2018 year in review 
  • NOPSEMA's online resources  
  • Upcoming events

Annual offshore performance report 2018

The Annual Offshore Performance Report 2018 (PDF 2MB) provides a summary of safety and environmental performance data of Australia's offshore petroleum industry to 31 December 2018.

Public comment on environment plans

The Brochure - Public comment on Environment Plans - March 2019 (PDF 129KB) provides an overview of the public comment requirements for seismic and exploratory drilling proposals, following amendments to the Environment Regulations due to take effect from 25 April 2019. 

Environmental approvals process - post transparency 

The Fact sheet - Environmental approvals process - post transparency - March 2019 (PDF 42KB) provides a summary of the environmental approvals process following amendments to the Environment Regulations that will take effect from 25 April 2019. 

Introducing NOPSEMA

The Introducing NOPSEMA brochure (PDF 444KB) contains information broadly outlining NOPSEMA's history, jurisdiction, legislation, regulatory functions and governance.

NOPSEMA annual report 2018–19

The NOPSEMA Annual Report 2018-19 (PDF 6.4MB) contains information covering the authority's operations and activities conducted during the year ending 30 June 2019.

Community Information

For more information about the offshore petroleum approvals process see the Community information page.



Open consultations, including exploration environment plans available for public comment are published on our consultation hub.


For details about Equinor's proposed activity, including a location map see the Industry environment plans page.

For assessment status updates see the Stromlo-1 exploration drilling program page. 


Directions, improvement and prohibition notices are published within 21 days of issuance on the Published directions and notices page.

RAISE a safety concern

For more information about how the offshore petroleum workforce may raise and a resolve a safety concern see the Raising and resolving a safety concern page. 


To notify NOPSEMA of an accident, dangerous occurrence, environmental or well integrity incident call (08) 6461 7090.


To make a regulatory submission to NOPSEMA see the Submissions page.  


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UPCOMING Events 2019

October 2019

29 - 31 - SPE/IATMI Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, Bali, Indonesia 

30-31 - IOPER Annual General Meeting 2019, Washington D.C

November 2019

13-14 - Hazards Australasia Conference, Brisbane

December 2019

3-4 - SPE Symposium: Decommissioning and Abandonment, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Events listed are those at which NOPSEMA is presenting or exhibiting or has an organisational role. For presentations at past events see our Presentations page.


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