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New regulatory guidance - Workplace arrangements

Following a consultation period, NOPSEMA has recently published a new guidance note on workplace arrangements. For more information, see the news and media page. 

Public comment now closed 

The public comment period has now closed for submissions on Equinor’s proposed environment plan for drilling activity in the Great Australian Bight. For more information see the news and media page. 

Reminder: Public comment closing soon 

NOPSEMA encourages all interested persons to make submissions on Equinor’s proposed environment plan for drilling activity in the Great Australian Bight, before the public comment period closes on 20 March at 11:59 PM AEDT (8:59 PM WST). For more information see the news and media page.

NOPSEMA attendance at parliamentary event in South Australia

Recent media reporting has highlighted NOPSEMA’s attendance at a South Australian parliamentary event relevant to the safe and environmentally responsible regulation of energy activities offshore South Australia. For more information see the news and media page.

Inaugural HSR Forum 

In recognition of the important contribution of HSRs, a two day HSR Forum is planned to take place on 12-13 June 2019 in Perth. For more information see the news and media page

Open for comment: Safety case guidance

NOPSEMA has published for comment a draft operational risk assessments guidance note. To read the guidance or for more information see the news and media page.

Source control workshop 2019

In May, NOPSEMA in collaboration with APPEA and the International Offshore Petroleum Environment Regulators’ Forum will host the premier global source control event. For more information see the news and media page.

Release of Equinor's environment plan for public comment

NOPSEMA is accepting comments from the public on the proposed environment plan by Equinor for their planned drilling activity in the Great Australian Bight. For more information see the news and media page.

Offshore project proposal open for comment

NOPSEMA has released the Shell Crux Development Proposal for public comment.
For more information see the offshore project proposals page.  

NOPSEMA regulatory action - INPEX Ichthys project

Due to heightened media interest regarding the Ichthys project, NOPSEMA has determined that it is in the public interest to publish information in relation to electrical equipment issues at the Ichthys facilities. For more information see the news and media page. 


the Regulator | Issue 4: 2018

This quarterly magazine is intended to keep stakeholders informed of NOPSEMA’s activities and priorities, relevant legislative reform, and emerging industry issues.

The Regulator - Issue 4 - 2018

  • Message from the Chief Executive
  • Improving cooperation between the seismic and seafood industries
  • NOPSEMA participates in industry and fisheries regional forum
  • Contingency measures for subsea drilling operations
  • What is the difference between a subsea blowout preventer and a capping stack? 
  • Complying with financial assurance requirements
  • Parks Australia launches interactive Science Atlas
  • Improvement in vessel design in a hydrocarbon environment
  • Opportunities for improvement in well integrity management
  • Ensuring representation for short term members of the workforce
  • Engaging with HSRs during environmental management and well integrity inspections
  • Best practice for managing impaired pipeline subsea isolation valves
  • What we do
  • Opportunity to input into risk assessment guidance
  • Training for Health and Safety Representatives
  • Protecting people who speak up for safety
  • Supporting members of the workforce to raise and resolve safety concerns
  • Changes to levy amounts 
  • Quarterly performance dataset 
  • Schedule of events

Requirements for consultation and public comment

The Brochure - Requirements for consultation and public comment on petroleum activities in Commonwealth waters - August 2018 (PDF 165KB) provides an overview of the environment plan consultation and offshore project proposal public comment requirements for petroleum activities in Commonwealth waters.

Annual offshore performance report

The Annual Offshore Performance Report 2017 (PDF 3.7MB) contains data covering the industry and regulatory performance to 31 December 2017.

Introducing NOPSEMA

The Brochure - Introducing NOPSEMA - November 2018 (PDF 414KB) contains information broadly outlining NOPSEMA's history, jurisdiction, legislation, regulatory functions and governance.

NOPSEMA annual report 2017–18

The NOPSEMA Annual Report 2017-18 (PDF 7.3MB) contains information covering the authority's operations and activities conducted during the year ending 30 June 2018.

Community Information

For more information about the offshore petroleum approvals process see the Community information page.





Improvement and prohibition notices are published within 21 days of issuance on the Published notices page

RAISE a safety concern

For more information about how the offshore petroleum workforce may raise and a resolve a safety concern see the Raising and resolving a safety concern page. 


To notify NOPSEMA of an accident, dangerous occurrence, environmental or well integrity incident call (08) 6461 7090.


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UPCOMING Events 2019

March 2019

27 - Information session: Transitioning to transparency, Perth 

Visit the event page to register for the session.

May 2019

15-17 - Risk Engineering & Project Controls Conference 2019, Sydney

20 - Source control workshop, Perth. 

For more information, see our news and media page

20-24  - Spillcon 2019, Perth

27-30  - APPEA 2019 conference and exhibition, Brisbane

June 2019

12-13  - Inaugural HSR Forum 2019, Perth. For more information. see our news and media page

Events listed are those at which NOPSEMA is presenting or exhibiting or has an organisational role. For presentations at past events see our Presentations page.


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