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NOPSEMA regulatory action - INPEX Ichthys project

Due to heightened media interest regarding the Ichthys project, NOPSEMA has determined that it is in the public interest to publish information in relation to electrical equipment issues at the Ichthys facilities. For more information see the news and media page.

Fatality-free 2018 delivers offshore workers home safe for Christmas

The independent body responsible for regulating Australia’s offshore oil and gas industry says offshore workers will be home safe for Christmas, after the industry recorded another year free of major accident events and fatalities. For more information see the news and media page.

APPEA revises financial assurance method

APPEA has recently updated its Method for Estimating Levels of Financial Assurance. For more information see the financial assurance page.

Update on transparency initiatives

The Transparency Taskforce has issued an end of year report on its achievements and upcoming milestones. To read the report or for more information see the news and media page.

Changes to NOPSEMA levy amounts

NOPSEMA has reviewed and updated its Cost recovery implementation statement (CRIS). For more information see the news and media page. To view the latest CRIS see the cost recovery and levies page.

NOPSEMA publishes Environment alert

NOPSEMA has published an Environment alert on detecting leaks and oil pollution at not normally attended facilities. To read the alert see the environment alerts page.

NOPSEMA issues Direction to PTTEP

On 14 November 2018, NOPSEMA issued a Direction to PTTEP Australasia (Ashmore Cartier) Pty Ltd. For more information see the news and media page.

NOPSEMA Annual Report 2017-18

The NOPSEMA Annual Report 2017-18 (PDF 7.3MB) is now available following tabling in the Parliament of Australia.

Public consultation: Environment consultation and transparency reform 

The Australian Government is holding a series of public consultation sessions to discuss proposed amendments to the Environment Regulations. The amendments seek to improve the consultation and transparency requirements for offshore oil and gas activities in Commonwealth waters. To participate visit

Public consultation: Review of decommissioning framework 

The Australian Government has commenced a review of the legislative and regulatory framework for decommissioning offshore petroleum infrastructure in Commonwealth waters. To participate visit

NOPSEMA issues Direction to Esso Australia Resources 

On 27 September 2018, NOPSEMA issued Esso Australia Resources with a Direction in relation to electrical heat tracing equipment. For more information see the news and media page.

Open for comment: Draft workplace arrangements guidance note

NOPSEMA has published a draft workplace arrangements guidance note for public comment. For more information see the news and media page.

NOPSEMA concludes compliance monitoring of the Baleen seismic survey

NOPSEMA has concluded its compliance monitoring of the Baleen 2D HR Seismic Survey conducted by Asset Energy Pty Ltd (Asset Energy) in petroleum title PEP-11. For more information see the news and media page.

Surge in hours worked and commissioning activity for offshore oil and gas in 2017

NOPSEMA has released its Annual Offshore Performance Report, for the year ending 31 December 2017. For more information see the news and media page.

NOPSEMA issues Direction to Triangle Energy 

On 25 July 2018, NOPSEMA issued a Direction to Triangle Energy in relation to an incident on the Cliff Head Alpha offshore platform. For more information see the news and media page.

Managing activities that may affect Australian marine parks

NOPSEMA has worked closely with Parks Australia to develop and publish new guidance for titleholders managing offshore petroleum activities that may affect Australian marine parks. For more information see the news and media page.

Have your say: Environment plan assessment guidance

In response to stakeholder feedback, NOPSEMA has extended the public comment period to 31 August 2018. For more information see the news and media page.


the Regulator | Issue 4: 2018

This quarterly magazine is intended to keep stakeholders informed of NOPSEMA’s activities and priorities, relevant legislative reform, and emerging industry issues.

The Regulator - Issue 4 - 2018

  • Message from the Chief Executive
  • Improving cooperation between the seismic and seafood industries
  • NOPSEMA participates in industry and fisheries regional forum
  • Contingency measures for subsea drilling operations
  • What is the difference between a subsea blowout preventer and a capping stack? 
  • Complying with financial assurance requirements
  • Parks Australia launches interactive Science Atlas
  • Improvement in vessel design in a hydrocarbon environment
  • Opportunities for improvement in well integrity management
  • Ensuring representation for short term members of the workforce
  • Engaging with HSRs during environmental management and well integrity inspections
  • Best practice for managing impaired pipeline subsea isolation valves
  • What we do
  • Opportunity to input into risk assessment guidance
  • Training for Health and Safety Representatives
  • Protecting people who speak up for safety
  • Supporting members of the workforce to raise and resolve safety concerns
  • Changes to levy amounts 
  • Quarterly performance dataset 
  • Schedule of events

Requirements for consultation and public comment

The Brochure - Requirements for consultation and public comment on petroleum activities in Commonwealth waters - August 2018 (PDF 165KB) provides an overview of the environment plan consultation and offshore project proposal public comment requirements for petroleum activities in Commonwealth waters.

Annual offshore performance report

The Annual Offshore Performance Report 2017 (PDF 3.7MB) contains data covering the industry and regulatory performance to 31 December 2017.

Introducing NOPSEMA

The Brochure - Introducing NOPSEMA - November 2018 (PDF 414KB) contains information broadly outlining NOPSEMA's history, jurisdiction, legislation, regulatory functions and governance.

NOPSEMA annual report 2017–18

The NOPSEMA Annual Report 2017-18 (PDF 7.3MB) contains information covering the authority's operations and activities conducted during the year ending 30 June 2018.

Community Information

For more information about the offshore petroleum approvals process see the Community Information page.



Improvement and prohibition notices are published within 21 days of issuance on the Published Notices page

RAISE a safety concern

For more information about how the offshore petroleum workforce may raise and a resolve a safety concern see the Raising and resolving a safety concern page. 


To notify NOPSEMA of an accident, dangerous occurrence, environmental or well integrity incident call (08) 6461 7090.


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January 2019

23 January - Information session - Procurement for ICT support and software delivery services, Perth

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February 2019

7 February - Offshore oil and gas drop-in session, Newcastle

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13 February - Environmental management good practice forum and transparency update, Perth

May 2019

20 May - Source control workshop: Examining source control technologies and arrangement for a timely response, Perth

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20-24 May - Spillcon 2019 - Perth

27-30 May - APPEA 2019 conference and exhibition, Brisbane

Events listed are those at which NOPSEMA is presenting or exhibiting or has an organisational role. For presentations at past events see our Presentations page.


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