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BP announcement on plans for the Great Australian Bight

NOPSEMA is aware of the announcement by BP Developments Australia (BP) on 11 October that it will not be progressing its exploration drilling programme in the Great Australian Bight. This decision by BP not to proceed with plans to drill exploration wells is a commercial decision for the company, and questions regarding the decision should be addressed to BP. See the News and Media page for more information.

NOPSEMA requests further information from BP

On 28 September 2016, NOPSEMA requested further information from BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd (BP) relating to their environment plan for drilling of the Stromlo-1 and Whinham-1 exploration wells in the Great Australian Bight. The requested information is expected to be provided by 28 October 2016, at which time NOPSEMA will recommence the assessment. BP can request an extension of this timeframe if required. See the News and Media page for more information.

BP drilling proposal to undergo further assessment

NOPSEMA has advised BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd that it will be taking additional time to assess the company’s environment plan proposing the drilling of the Stromlo-1 and Whinham-1 exploration wells in the Great Australian Bight. NOPSEMA will deliver its next assessment decision for this plan by 29 September 2016. See the News and Media page for more information.

Sedco Forex International Inc v NOPSEMA

On 2 August 2016, the Fair Work Commission dismissed the proceedings against the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority commenced by Sedco Forex International Inc. See the News and media page for more information.

Equipment integrity in offshore oil and gas operations

NOPSEMA has published a statement clarifying actions taken in Australia regarding potential safety concerns of some offshore oil and gas drilling equipment. See the News and Media page for more information.

HSR Handbook updated

NOPSEMA has updated its HSR Handbook. The latest version has been revised and updated to provide HSRs with concise and easy-to-read guidance that is of value to both new and experienced representatives. Click here to view the latest version of the HSR Handbook.

New environment alert highlights issues with transition of titleholder

NOPSEMA has published its second environment alert, addressing issues arising from a failure to comply with environmental management requirements due to titleholder asset ownership changes. To read the alert see the Environment Alerts page.


Quarterly newsletter - the Regulator

the Regulator Issue #2 2016 (PDF 1.4MB)

  • Message from the CEO
  • Collaborative opportunities for oil spill preparedness and response
  • Inspecting environmental consultation performance
  • Exclusion of major accident events in safety cases
  • Deciding on environmental consultation requirements
  • Appropriate medical and first aid services
  • Joint industry workshop on oil spill preparedness and response
  • Monitoring financial assurance compliance
  • NOPSEMA releases its Annual offshore performance report
  • NOPSEMA’s corporate plan and compliance with the Regulator Performance Framework
  • NOPSEMA participates at APPEA Conference
  • Human error tolerant safety critical control systems
  • NOPSEMA supports WA strategy for marine science collaboration
  • Updated industry guidance on arrangements for marine oil pollution in WA
  • New OHS guidance

Introducing NOPSEMA

Contains information broadly outlining NOPSEMA's history, jurisdiction, legislation, regulatory functions and governance. To view the Introducing NOPSEMA brochure click here

Annual offshore performance report

Contains data covering the industry and regulatory performance to 31 December 2015. To view the Annual offshore performance report click here.

Offshore petroleum environmental approvals

Contains information broadly covering the type of environmental approvals required to begin an offshore petroleum activity in Commonwealth waters, the assessment process and how to get involved. To view the Offshore petroleum environmental approvals brochure click here.

NOPSEMA Annual Report 2015-16

The NOPSEMA Annual Report 2015-16 has been tabled in the Commonwealth Parliament. To view the NOPSEMA Annual Report 2015-16 click here.

Decommissioning offshore petroleum facilities

Contains information broadly outlining the decision-making process for decommissioning offshore petroleum facilities in Commonwealth waters. To view the decommissioning brochure click here.

HSR Handbook updated

The HSR Handbook has been revised and updated to provide HSRs with concise and easy-to-read guidance. To view the latest HSR Handbook click here.


October 2016

17-20 October, International Regulators Offshore Petroleum Health and Safety Forum, Auckland, NZ

17-20 October, SPE Asset Abandonment and Emerging Reality Workshop, KL, Malaysia

25-27 October, SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, Perth

26 October, APPEA HSR Forum, Perth

Events listed are those at which NOPSEMA is presenting or exhibiting or has an organisational role. For presentations at past events see our Presentations page.


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