Submitting regulatory documents

Duty holders provide a large range of regulatory documents to NOPSEMA, including plans, reports, notifications and applications, as prescribed in the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act and its regulations. This page outlines the preferred methods for submitting regulatory documents. For public comment on environment plans or offshore project proposals, please visit the Have Your Say page.

For further information regarding incident notifications visit the report an incident page.

 The online submissions portal is to be used for environment plans and financial assurance documents only. 

NOPSEMA provides an online system to submit environment plans and financial assurance documents. If you choose to submit an environment plan or financial assurance document online then a cover sheet is not required.

Resubmissions of environment plans during the assessment process (e.g. after public comment or an opportunity to modify) must continue to be submitted via Secure File Transfer.

Secure file transfer is NOPSEMA‘s preferred submission method as this system:

  • Issues a File Download Notice to the submitter when the documents are accessed by a NOPSEMA staff member, which provides verification that the submission has been received
  • Provides for an attachment size of up to 1GB.

The secure file transfer system website is located at:

The submission type selected on the cover sheet is used to direct each submission to the appropriate team for processing. Please select the option that describes the purpose of your submission, and provide further details in the description if necessary. We recommend that you include the name and phone number of a contact person for the submission.

Submitted documents are limited to a list of accepted file types, which are listed near the bottom of the form. Click on "Accepted File Types" to see the full list.

After sending a submission, you should see an immediate response at the top of the submission page indicating 'Files sent successfully'. An email message will also be sent to you once your message and documents have been received. Please note that this acknowledgement of receipt does not signify the adequacy of the submission for any regulatory purpose, only that it has been received. Where the law requires submissions to satisfy specific validity criteria, a separate notice will be given after appropriate checks are completed.

Secure File Transfer is designed to ensure the confidentiality and reliable delivery of your submission. Care has been taken in the selection and construction of the system to apply good IT security practice and establish appropriate technical and personnel controls. All traffic to the system is encrypted and protected by multiple access control layers. The system is not operating on public cloud infrastructure but on servers operated by NOPSEMA within Australia.

Small regulatory documents less than 10Mb, such as monthly reports, may be emailed to An acknowledgement of receipt email will be sent to you when the submission is processed.

Types of Regulatory Submissions

  • Scope of validation 
  • Safety case 
  • Diving Safety Management System (DSMS) 
  • Diving project plan (DPP)
  • Diving start-up notice 
  • Field development plan
  • Infrastructure development plan 
  • Pipeline safety management system 
  • Request for exemption under OHS regulations 
  • Incident 3 day and final reports 
  • Monthly incident summary reports 
  • Request for an extension to the date of receipt of a final report for an accident or dangerous occurrence
  • Environment plan

  • Environment plan summary

  • Financial assurance declaration

  • Financial assurance confirmation

  • Notification of the start and end of an activity

  • Notification of the end of operation of an environment plan

  • Offshore project proposal

  • Public comments on an offshore project proposal

  • Request for exemption under the Environment Regulations

  • Monthly recordable incident reports

  • Environmental performance reports

  • Well operations management plan

  • Well activity application or Application for approval to undertake well activity

  • Final abandonment report

  • Petroleum Safety Zone or Greenhouse Gas Safety Zone application 
  • Petroleum Safety Zone or Greenhouse Gas Safety Zone access application 
  • Area to be avoided (ATBA) access application 
  • NOPTA request for title-related information

Page last updated: July 5, 2021 4:16pm