Well notification and reporting

Titleholders have a legal obligation under the Offshore Petroleum Greenhouse Gas Storage (RMA) Regulations 2011 (OPGGS(RMA) Regulations 2011) to report well integrity incidents to NOPSEMA within a specified period of time.

Reportable incidents

As defined in regulation 5.02 of the OPGGS(RMA) Regulations 2011, reportable incidents in relation to a well are:

  1. a loss of integrity of the well, including a well kick, resulting in a release of more than:

    1. 1 kilogram of gas; or

    2. 80 litres of liquid;

  2. a failure of hydrostatic pressure as a primary barrier, leading to:

    1. a build-up of pressure or a positive flow check; and

    2. the operation of a blow-out prevention or diversion system;

  3. damage to, or failure of, well-related equipment that has led or could lead to a loss of integrity of the well;

  4. any other unplanned occurrence that requires the titleholder to implement measures or arrangements to regain control of the well.

For further guidance refer to Notification, reporting and recording requirements for well-related incidents.

Notifying NOPSEMA of a reportable incident

Regulation 5.26 of the OPGGS(RMA) Regulations 2011 states:

  1. A titleholder commits an offence if:

    1. There is a reportable incident in relation to a well in the title area; and

    2. The titleholder does not give notice of the reportable incident to the Regulator

Oral notification

Titleholders must make a verbal notification of a reportable incident to NOPSEMA, via the dedicated NOPSEMA incident phone number 1300 674 472 as soon as practicable after the reportable incident, or after first becoming aware of a reportable incident. In this context 'as soon as practicable' includes having due regard to any immediate emergency response necessary. This verbal notification must contain:

  1. All available material facts and circumstances concerning the reportable incident, and

  2. Any action taken, or proposed to be taken, to stop, control or remedy the reportable incident

Written report

In addition to verbal notification, the new regulations also require the titleholder to provide NOPSEMA with a written report of the reportable incident. The titleholder must submit the report no later than 3 days after the first occurrence of the reportable incident and should use the NOPSEMA report form Notification and reporting of well integrity incidents forms. The report must contain:

  1. All material facts and circumstances concerning the reportable incident that the titleholder knows or is able, by reasonable search or enquiry, to find out; and

  2. Any action taken to, or proposed to be taken, to stop, control or remedy the reportable incident

  3. Any other action taken or proposed to be taken, to prevent a similar incident occurring in the future.

However, if the titleholder has been unable to identify ALL the material facts and circumstances, and remedial actions, to be taken within the 3 days; the (initial) report must nevertheless be submitted with all of the information available at that time. Subsequently, if the titleholder requires additional time to investigate to submit all information this time must be agreed with NOPSEMA.

Please submit written reportable incident reports using our Secure File Transfer service or by email

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