NOPSEMA provides brief reports on environmental management and safety and integrity improvement issues arising from its investigative and assessment activities. These are issued as individual alerts. NOPSEMA periodically reviews alerts from other jurisdictions and, where appropriate, highlights timely lessons with supporting commentary drawn from these identified sources.

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Safety and Well integrity

Title Type Size Date
Safety Bulletin - Helideck Structural Integrity PDF 219.11 KB 19/06/2024
Safety Alert - Pipeline Loss of Containment PDF 171.09 KB 28/09/2023
Pre-flight checks for life jackets and compressed air emergency breathing system (CA-EBS) PDF 263.45 KB 08/08/2023
Fixed well control equipment PDF 137.89 KB 29/12/2020
Quality assurance of diving system audits PDF 171.63 KB 17/12/2018
Risks associated with pneumatic hose couplings PDF 209.46 KB 30/05/2018
Understanding of light well intervention safety systems is critical for safe operations PDF 559.14 KB 24/11/2017
Potential for fatalities from electrical incidents PDF 151.03 KB 24/10/2017
Well annulus leaks gas-lift inventory from failed instrument line PDF 281.16 KB 06/07/2017
Collared eyebolts as lifting equipment PDF 338.22 KB 06/04/2017
Vessel loss of position while diving in close proximity to a hydrocarbon facility PDF 218.12 KB 27/06/2016
Risks associated with electric storage batteries PDF 179.31 KB 04/11/2015
Fibre reinforced plastic deck gratings PDF 217.54 KB 21/08/2014
Lifting and rigging plans PDF 566.45 KB 16/07/2014
Vibration-induced fatigue on process pipework PDF 226.4 KB 28/01/2014
Fast rescue craft unplanned descent PDF 147.41 KB 05/08/2013
Dropped objects PDF 128.42 KB 02/05/2013
Scaffolding safety PDF 392.21 KB 11/01/2013
Risks associated with 240V electric hand tools/equipment PDF 99.67 KB 04/04/2012
Bypassing of storage tank features PDF 329.67 KB 22/02/2012
Watertight doors and hatches kept open at sea PDF 224.11 KB 03/01/2012

General Regulatory Alerts

Title Type Size Date
COVID-19 roster changes PDF 152.81 KB 07/05/2020
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