Forms and templates


Operator nomination & registration

Safety case

Title Type Size Date
Safety case submission cover sheet DOC 109.62 KB 11/03/2024
Safety case content concordance table DOC 106.17 KB 10/07/2020

Diving safety management system

Diving project plan

Title Type Size Date
Diving project plan (DPP) concordance table DOC 96.96 KB 05/05/2020

Safety zone application

Area to be avoided (ATBA) application

Health and safety representatives

Scope of validation for a proposed facility

Safety zone infringements

Title Type Size Date
Report of an alleged safety zone infringement DOC 111.54 KB 07/09/2023


Offshore project proposal

Environment plan

Title Type Size Date
Environment plan submission cover sheet DOC 123.05 KB 10/01/2024
Environment plan summary statement form DOC 85.67 KB 10/01/2024

Titleholder report on public comments

Title Type Size Date
Titleholder report on public comments form DOC 87.01 KB 10/01/2024

Financial assurance

Title Type Size Date
Financial assurance declaration form PDF 1.42 MB 10/01/2024
Financial assurance confirmation form PDF 754.2 KB 10/01/2024

Start & end of a petroleum activity

End of operation of an environment plan

Well Integrity

Well activities

Well abandonment

Title Type Size Date
End of well abandonment report cover sheet DOC 98.62 KB 07/08/2020

Well integrity incidents

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