Forms and templates


Operator nomination & registration

Safety case

Title Type Size Date
Safety case submission cover sheet DOC 108.87 KB 10/06/2022
Safety case content concordance table DOC 106.17 KB 10/07/2020

Diving safety management system

Diving project plan

Title Type Size Date
Diving project plan (DPP) concordance table DOC 96.96 KB 05/05/2020

Safety zone application

Area to be avoided (ATBA) application

Health and safety representatives

Scope of validation for a proposed facility

Safety zone infringements

Title Type Size Date
Report of an alleged safety zone infringement DOC 103.97 KB 10/08/2020


Offshore project proposal

Environment plan

Title Type Size Date
Environment plan submission cover sheet DOC 122.54 KB 06/01/2023
Environment plan summary statement form DOC 83.13 KB 11/09/2020

Titleholder report on public comments

Title Type Size Date
Titleholder report on public comments form DOC 84.26 KB 11/09/2020

Financial assurance

Title Type Size Date
Financial assurance declaration form PDF 362.82 KB 18/08/2022
Financial assurance confirmation form PDF 392.12 KB 10/07/2020

Start & end of a petroleum activity

End of operation of an environment plan

Well Integrity

Well operations management plan

Well activities

Well abandonment

Title Type Size Date
End of well abandonment report cover sheet DOC 98.62 KB 07/08/2020

Well integrity incidents

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