Safety case guidance notes

NOPSEMA safety case guidance notes have been developed to provide guidance with respect to what is acceptable in meeting the intent of the OPGGS Regulations for a safety case. The guidance is not legislation; it should only be seen as an approach that, if followed, may be acceptable. The guidance is not mandatory and as such does not preclude any other reasonable interpretations of the regulatory requirements. In any case, people are encouraged to work directly with the regulations.

Please also refer to other advice on safety case preparation on this website.

Guidance note structure

NOPSEMA's approach to safety case guidance is closely aligned with the successful approach developed by WorkSafe Victoria for their Major Hazard Facility Regulations. This is a subject matter or topic-based approach to the guidance which enables the development of individual notes that are focused on particular areas of interest. It allows for the design of small documents with user friendly formats that are concise and easy to navigate.

The guidance framework is best described using a jigsaw puzzle structure. In this model, the central document gives the safety case regime overview and describes the overall process. It provides a fundamental framework for the various different safety case elements. The remaining guidance notes are then developed in relation to this central document (and each other as appropriate). There is scope to add to this model as the need arises; this is indicated by the extra pieces of the puzzle.

In the following image of a jigsaw puzzle, each piece is a hyperlink to one of the published guidance notes. There are two pieces with a question mark that are not links, to indicate future topics. Links to all the guidance notes are available in the Quick Links section.

Click on a puzzle piece to view the published guidance note.