Diving operations

The Petroleum (Submerged Lands) (Diving Safety) Regulations 2002 - Diving Guidelines 2003 give guidance on meeting the requirements of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Safety) Regulations 2009  for offshore petroleum exploration and production activities involving diving in Commonwealth and Victorian designated coastal waters. For designated coastal waters in other states and the Northern Territory (NT) please refer to the relevant state or NT agency for guidance.

Guideline revision

A revision of the guidelines is planned. The Guidelines for complying with the Diving Safety Regulations - Third Edition - June 2018 (PDF 878KB) developed by the then Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (now the Department of Industry) are provided as an interim measure.

Note: Your attention is drawn to the important notice on the first page of the guidelines, which provides details of the transition from the 2002 Safety Regulations to the current Safety Regulations and the implications for the users of these guidelines.

Register - Diving safety management systems (DSMS) and diving project plans (DPP)

Regulation 4.9 of the Safety Regulations requires NOPSEMA to make available a register of DSMSs and DPPs of original and revised DSMSs.

Register - Diving safety management systems and diving project plans - 18 January 2019 (PDF 199KB)

Note: From 1 January 2013, jurisdictions marked in ORANGE are no longer regulated by NOPSEMA due to the lapse in conferral of powers to NOPSEMA in accordance with Section 646A of the OPGGS Act 2006.

Concordance table - DSMS

The elements detailed within the FM0711 - Diving safety management system concordance tables - Rev 5 - January 2016 (DOCX 239KB) form the basis under which NOPSEMA assesses the DSMS. This should be used to indicate in the free text areas against each element where in the DSMS compliance is demonstrated. On completion, this table should be provided to NOPSEMA at the same time the DSMS is submitted.