Human factors information papers

The human factors information papers is a long-term project which will progressively deliver information on human factors issues relevant to the offshore petroleum industry. It is designed to provide information about the contribution of human factors knowledge to risk minimisation within Australia’s objectives-based regime.

The series forms part of NOPSEMA’s approach to promote human factors understanding and capability within the offshore petroleum industry. This series focuses on the ways in which organisational, individual, and job factors influence human reliability, and how responsible parties can minimise or optimise the effect of these factors, to assist in the reduction of risk to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable.

Information paper structure

This series takes a subject matter or topic-based approach. This approach allows for the development of information that is concise and focused on particular areas of interest.

IP1041 - Human factors - Procedures and instructions - Rev 1 - November 2014 (PDF 338KB)

IP1040 - Human factors - Personnel resourcing - Rev 1 - November 2014 (PDF 363KB)

IP1038 - Human factors - Competency assurance - Rev 1 - November 2014 (PDF 503KB)

IP1039 - Human factors - Change management - Rev 1 - November 2014 (PDF 358KB)

IP1506 - Human factors - Safety culture - Rev 0 - December 2014 (PDF 392KB)

IP1507 - Humanf factors - Perception surveys - Rev 0 - December 2014 (PDF 369KB)

IP1508 - Human factors - Engineering and design - Rev 0 - September 2015 (PDF 552KB)

IP1509 - Human factors - Human error risk reduction to ALARP - Rev 0 - September 2015 (PDF 456KB)

IP1598 - Human factors in accident investigations - Rev 0 - January 2016 (PDF 269KB)