Guidance notes

Guidance notes provide NOPSEMA's expectations on a specific topic.

Environmental management 

Petroleum activity

Petroleum activity guidance note (PDF 196KB)

Petroleum activities and Australian marine parks guidance note (PDF 469KB)

Offshore project proposal 

Offshore project proposal content requirements guidance note (PDF 560KB)

Environment plan 

Environment plan content requirements (PDF 963KB)

Responding to public comment on environment plans guidance note (PDF 207KB)

Oil pollution emergency plan

Oil pollution risk management guidance note (PDF 371KB)

Change of titleholder

Change to the titleholder with operational control of activities guidance note (PDF 210KB)

Safety & integrity 

Offshore facility

Facility definition includes an associated offshore place guideline (PDF 159KB)

Operator nomination & registration

Criteria for registration and deregistration guidance note (PDF 151KB)

Replacement of a registered operator for a facility or pipeline guidance note (PDF 135KB)


Vessels subject to the Australian offshore petroleum safety legislation guidance note (PDF 352KB)

Vessel facilities subject to external hydrocarbon hazards guidance note (PDF 3.2MB)

Vessels subject to the Australian offshore petroleum safety legislation guidance note (PDF 352KB)

Scope of validation for a proposed facility 

Validation guideline (PDF 219KB)

Facility safety case

The safety case in context - an overview of the safety case regime guidance note (PDF 2.3MB)

Operational risk assessment guidance note (PDF 825KB)

Safety case guidance notes cross reference guidance note (PDF 125KB)

Safety case lifecycle management guidance note (PDF 1MB)

Safety case content and level of detail guidance note (PDF 1.3MB)

Hazard identification guidance note (PDF 886KB)

Supporting safety studies guidance note (PDF 966KB)

Risk assessment guidance note (PDF 851KB)

ALARP guidance note (PDF 1.4MB)

Control measures and performance standards guidance note (PDF 2.3MB)

Safety management systems guidance note (PDF 545KB)

Emergency planning guidance note (PDF 1.8MB)

Involving the workforce guidance note (PDF 604KB)

Well operations management plan 

Well operations management plan content and level of detail guidance note (PDF 658KB)

Well operations management plan lifecycle management guidance note (PDF 2.3MB)

Well operations

ALARP in the context of well integrity guidance note (PDF 360KB)

Well integrity control measures and performance standards guidance note (PDF 508KB)

Diving operations

Complying with the diving safety regulations guideline (PDF 1.1MB) 

Petroleum safety zone application 

Safety zones and the area to be avoided guidance note (PDF 240KB)

Health and safety representatives 

Workplace arrangements guidance note (PDF 2.2MB)

Occupational health

Qualifications of medical personnel on offshore facilities guidance note (PDF 630KB)

Noise exposure standards guidance note (PDF 149KB)

Fatigue avoidance guidance note (PDF 670KB)

Reporting of safety, well integrity or environmental incidents

Notification and reporting of accidents and dangerous occurrences guidance note (PDF 228KB)

Notification and reporting of environmental incidents guidance note (PDF 162KB)

Damage to safety critical equipment guidance note (PDF 476KB)