General enquiries

For general enquiries please email

Alternatively, you may call NOPSEMA’s head office in Perth on (08) 6188 8700. Please ensure you call is made during business hours (08:30 to 17:00 WST).

Media enquiries

NOPSEMA requests media enquiries are made in writing via email to

For urgent media enquiries outside of business hours (WST) phone +61 (0)476 827 635

Environmental enquiries

For general environmental enquiries please email

To check the status of an environment plan assessment see the Activity status and summaries page.

Please note that beyond the details published on the above page, NOPSEMA does not provide specific comment on the contents of an environmental submission under assessment as it may be seen to bias a fair and impartial assessment. Such enquiries should be directed in the first instance to the titleholder proposing the activity.

Raise a safety concern

For more information about how the offshore petroleum workforce may raise and a resolve a safety concern see the Raising and resolving a safety concern page. 

Feedback and complaints

Where a stakeholder has concerns or comments relating to an administrative decision made by NOPSEMA, a NOPSEMA employee or any other matter relating to the discharge of NOPSEMA’s regulatory functions, they are encouraged to communicate those concerns or comments in writing.

NOPSEMA treats feedback and complaints on the discharge of regulatory function seriously. Feedback is acknowledged, reviewed and addressed accordingly. NOPSEMA addresses all complaints with respect and confidentiality.

How to provide feedback or make a complaint 

It is NOPSEMA expectation that you are respectful and courteous when providing feedback or making a complaint, and that you will:

  • treat our staff as you would like to be treated

  • use an appropriate speaking level and tone

  • communicate without using threats, abuse or offensive language.

Our Regulatory Services Charter (PDF 196KB) outlines our service standards and expectations to ensure our interaction with you emphasises timeliness, professionalism and courtesy.

To provide NOPSEMA with your feedback or to make a complaint please email

Request a statement of reasons for a NOPSEMA decision

The decisions NOPSEMA makes under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 and associated regulations are subject to the requirements of the Administrative Decisions Judicial Review Act 1977 (ADJR Act). The ADJR Act provides that eligible persons may request a statement of reasons for any decisions of an administrative character. For more information on statements of reasons and how to request one see Statements of reasons under the ADJR Act policy (PDF 136KB)

Freedom of information

If you want to obtain access to a document or documents that may be held by NOPSEMA, you will need to submit a formal Freedom of information (FOI) request. For more information on how to make a formal FOI request see the Freedom of Information page.


General enquiries and complaints about privacy and requests from individuals for access to information NOPSEMA holds about them should be directed to NOPSEMA’s Privacy Contact Officer at

Notifying NOPSEMA of an accident, dangerous occurrence or environmental incident

To notify NOPSEMA of an accident, dangerous occurrence or environmental incident call NOPSEMA’s dedicated incident notification phone line on 1300 674 472. This line will be answered directly, at any time, depending on the type of incident chosen from the menu options.

Outside of office hours, on weekends and public holidays, the duty holder may leave a voicemail with their contact details and, dependent on the incident, their call will be returned within 2 hours (from 0800hrs to 2200hrs AWST). All other calls will be returned as soon as possible on the following day.

For more information on notification and reporting see the:

Making a regulatory submission

For regulatory submissions, NOPSEMA only accepts electronic documents. For more information please see the Making a submission to NOPSEMA page.

Petroleum safety zones

To receive email notifications of the publication of petroleum safety zone administration documents or the gazettal of notices establishing petroleum safety zones and authorisations to enter the Area To Be Avoided (ATBA) subscribe by emailing Please include your first name, surname, preferred email address, position, company and mobile phone or other contact details as appropriate.

Feedback on a NOPSEMA inspection 

Personnel involved in a NOPSEMA inspection of an offshore petroleum or greenhouse gas storage facility may submit feedback on the inspection via email to


NOPSEMA will advise stakeholders of their levy obligations by way of a Levy notification. Levy notifications are administered to the relevant contact via email. Payment terms on these notifications are 30 days. Please send any enquiries about levies including accounts receivable to

Telephone, street and postal

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