NOPSEMA incident notification telephone number

The guidance documents on the right give details of the types of events that are to be notified, and the information that is required when making the notification and submitting the subsequent written report.

Incidents can be notified to NOPSEMA by any suitable means. For the convenience of duty holders NOPSEMA has a dedicated phone line:

(08) 6461 7090

This line will be answered directly during office hours. Outside office hours a menu system will allow callers to leave a voicemail recorded message requesting a call back, but if the matter is particularly urgent, such as fatalities, serious injuries or an emergency abandonment, the caller can have the call automatically diverted to a NOPSEMA representative. NOPSEMA monitors recorded messages at intervals of less than 10 hours.

General enquiries

For routine enquiries please call NOPSEMA during business hours (08:30 to 17:00 Perth time - UCT +8:00):

Perth: (08) 6188 8700 (Head Office)

Melbourne: (03) 8866 5700


Our aim is to provide timely and relevant assistance with all the enquiries we receive. To assist us, please direct your email to one of these addresses:

Feedback from personnel involved in a planned inspection:

Enquiries and assistance with submissions:

Subscription to regular newsletter The Regulator or safety alerts by email:

All other enquiries, comments, or requests for further information:

Levy enquiries including accounts receivable (safety case, investigations, early engagement, well - annual and activity and environment plan levies under OPGGS Act)

Secure file transfer

Secure File Transfer is now NOPSEMA’s preferred method for delivery of all electronic document submissions.

  • For regulatory submissions such as incident 3 day and final reports, monthly incident summary reports, and assessment submissions use the Regulatory Submissions page.
  • To provide comment on an Offshore Project Proposal see the Offshore Project Proposals Public Comment page[CV1].

 [CV1]Link to page

Telephone, street and postal


Head Office, Perth




+61 (0)8 6188 8700

+61 (0)3 8866 5700


+61 (0)8 6188 8737

+61 (0)3 8866 5706


Level 8

58 Mounts Bay Road

Perth WA 6000

Ground Floor

493 St Kilda Road

Melbourne VIC 3004


GPO Box 2568


PO Box 7104


Media enquiries

Please direct all media enquiries to:


Phone: +61 8 6188 8700


ABN : 22 385 178 289