New guidance for managing ageing assets and life extension

06 July, 2021

More than half of all offshore production facilities in Australian waters currently regulated by NOPSEMA are more than 20 years old, and some exceed 50 years. These facilities require robust inspection, maintenance, and repair to control age-related risks and ensure asset integrity.

NOPSEMA has identified several cases where duty holders have failed to maintain their ageing assets and control the associated risks to the health and safety of the workforce, the structural integrity of the facility, and the environment.

To assist duty holders in managing their ageing assets, NOPSEMA has published a new Ageing assets and life extension guidance note. The guidance note draws on many sources of information, including lessons learned, to promote good industry practice in the context of Australian law.

The importance of maintaining ageing assets is supported by NOPSEMA’s Section 572 Maintenance and removal of property policy and soon-to-be-released Planning for proactive decommissioning guideline.

NOPSEMA's Head of Division for Safety and Integrity, Derrick O'Keeffe, also supported the importance of timely maintenance at the APPEA Conference and Exhibition in his Deferred maintenance – a major industry challenge? presentation.

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