Well integrity resources

NOPSEMA has developed a series of advice documents to inform and assist stakeholders to interpret and meet the requirements of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 (OPGGS Act) and Part 5 of the OPGGS (Resource Management and Administration) Regulations 2011 and relevant state legislation where a state or the Northern Territory has conferred regulatory powers and functions to NOPSEMA.

NOPSEMA's advice documents should not be relied on as advice on the law, nor treated as a substitute for legal advice in any relevant situation. NOPSEMA's assessment of a regulatory permissioning document, monitoring and enforcement activities, are undertaken in accordance with the regulations.

NOPSEMA’s advice documents are subject to periodic review and update. Comments and suggestions on the content of any advice documents are welcomed can be directed to information@nopsema.gov.au.

Assessment and guidance


Well operations management plan assessment policy (PDF 206KB)

Assessment policy (PDF 180KB)

Sharing information with Australian and international agencies policy (PDF 169KB)

Well and well activity levies policy (PDF 152KB) 

S572 Maintenance and removal of property regulatory policy (PDF 288KB)

Guidance notes

Well operations management plan content and level of detail guidance note (PDF 658KB)

Well operations management plan lifecycle management guidance note (PDF 2.3MB)

Hazard identification and risk assessment guidance note (PDF 811KB)

ALARP in the context of well integrity guidance note (PDF 848KB)

Well integrity control measures and performance standards guidance note (PDF 508KB)

Change to the titleholder with operational control of activities guidance note (PDF 257KB)


Making submissions to NOPSEMA guideline (PDF 203KB)


Application to undertake well activities cover sheet (DOCX 104KB) - for Victoria coastal waters only (conferred powers)

Well operations management plan submission cover sheet (DOCX 103KB)

Well operations management plan submission cover sheet (VIC Regs) (DOCX 106KB)

End of well abandonment report cover sheet (DOCX 99KB)

Well activities notification cover sheet (DOCX 103KB)


Well integrity planned inspection policy (PDF 155KB)



Notification, reporting and recording requirements for well-related incidents (PDF 710KB)


Notification and reporting of well integrity incidents forms (DOCX 96KB)


Presentation - Amendments to Well Regulations - 1 January 2016 (PDF 891KB)