Policies provide NOPSEMA's interpretation of legislative requirements.

Core policies

Assessment policy (PDF 131KB)

Inspection policy (PDF 132KB)

Investigation policy (PDF 122KB)

Enforcement policy (PDF 171KB)

Advice and promotion policy (PDF 377KB) 

Environmental management 

Offshore project proposal 

Offshore project proposal assessment policy (PDF 198KB)

Environment plan 

Environment plan assessment policy (PDF 215KB)

Environment plan levies and cost recovery policy (PDF 176KB)

Financial assurance 

Financial assurance requirements for petroleum titles policy (PDF 136KB)

Environmental inspections 

Environmental inspections policy (PDF 160KB)

Safety & integrity 

Operator nomination & registration

Operator nomination, registration and deregistration policy (PDF 124KB)

Scope of validation for a proposed facility 

Validation policy (PDF 115KB)

Facility safety case

Safety case assessment policy (PDF 144KB)

Safety case levies policy (PDF 155KB)

Well operations management plan 

Well operations management plan assessment policy (PDF 540KB)

Diving safety management system

Diving submission assessment policy (PDF 128KB)

OHS inspection

OHS planned inspection policy (PDF 156KB)

Well integrity inspection

Well integrity planned inspection policy (PDF 155KB)

Petroleum safety zone application 

Safety zone assessment policy. (PDF 148KB)

Health and safety representatives 

HSR assistance by consultant policy (PDF 130KB)


Cost recovery policy (PDF 141KB)

Liaison policy (PDF 119KB)

Sharing information with Australian and international agencies policy (PDF 127KB)

Exemptions policy (PDF 138KB) 

Public interest disclosure policy (PDF 124KB)

Public interest disclosure standard operating procedure (PDF 153KB)

Provision of title related compliance information and advice to NOPTA policy (PDF 110KB)