Equinor's environment plan closed for comment

News announcement - Published 21 March, 2019

The public comment period has now closed for submissions on Equinor’s draft environment plan for drilling activity in the Great Australian Bight. 

NOPSEMA received more than 30,000 submissions during the 30 day public comment period. Matters that are relevant to the environmental management of the proposed activity must now be addressed within Equinor’s revised environment plan.

Equinor will prepare a report detailing how they have considered relevant comments and identify amendments made to the environment plan as a result of comments received. The public comment report and the amended environment plan will be published by Equinor on formal submission of the plan to NOPSEMA. 

NOPSEMA’s official regulatory role does not commence until Equinor formally submits the environment plan for assessment. The timing of a formal submission is a matter for Equinor, and is not set by NOPSEMA.

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