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Safety bulletin: Electric arc flash management

7 January, 2020

Electric arc flash accidents regularly cause injuries and fatalities to Australian electrical workers. To protect the health and safety of the offshore workforce, operators must ensure the risk of an arc flash is reduced to ALARP.

NOPSEMA resumes assessment of Equinor's environment plan

2 December, 2019

Equinor resubmitted its environment plan for proposed exploration drilling in the Great Australian Bight on 29 November 2019. NOPSEMA will now resume its assessment of the proposal and the next decision point is scheduled to occur by 30 December 2019.

NOPSEMA responds to Chief Scientist’s Audit findings

21 November, 2019

NOPSEMA has addressed the findings of Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s Audit into NOPSEMA’s consideration of exploration in the Great Australian Bight by publishing a series of detailed responses and intended actions against each of the Chief Scientist’s findings.

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