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New PSZ and ATBA guidance

11 November, 2016

NOPSEMA has published a new guidance note in relation to petroleum safety zones (PSZ) and the area to be avoided (ATBA) primarily for owners and operators of commercial fishing vessels working in the Bass Strait and other areas where there is petroleum infrastructure.

BP announcement on plans for the Great Australian Bight

11 October, 2016

NOPSEMA is aware of the announcement by BP Developments Australia (BP) on 11 October that it will not be progressing its exploration drilling programme in the Great Australian Bight. This decision by BP not to proceed with plans to drill exploration wells is a commercial decision for the company, and questions regarding the decision should be addressed to BP.

Equipment integrity in offshore oil and gas operations

12 September, 2016

In response to media reporting and related commentary, regarding potential safety concerns of some offshore oil and gas drilling equipment, NOPSEMA wishes to clarify actions taken in Australia regarding this matter.

HSR Handbook update

5 September, 2016

NOPSEMA has updated its HSR Handbook. The latest version has been revised and updated to provide HSRs with concise and easy-to-read guidance that is of value to both new and experienced representatives.

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