Stakeholder engagement and transparency

NOPSEMA has identified through regulatory research that poor environmental consultation practices in the offshore petroleum industry can lead to negative impacts on individuals, communities, and organisations. It has also received feedback that the current transparency of its decision-making processes and practices is not meeting community expectations. In August 2015 NOPSEMA announced a ‘Stakeholder engagement and transparency’ work program to address these problems.

Continued engagement with stakeholders is a vital component of the work program. NOPSEMA is engaging with a range of stakeholders to better understand their views and build support for proposed initiatives. It is NOPSEMA view that this will both improve consultation practices in the offshore petroleum industry and build community confidence in NOPSEMA’s decision-making. NOPSEMA has put in place an Engagement and Communication Plan to best direct its engagement efforts during this time.

A Status summary report - Stakeholder engagement and transparency work program (PDF 332KB) has been prepared providing analysis of feedback received by stakeholders and NOPSEMA’s response to this feedback.

NOPSEMA is continuing to progress initiatives as part of the work program and has now published its guideline GL1629 - 10A(g) - Consultation requirements - Rev 1 - November 2016 (PDF 398KB). This guideline identifies NOPSEMA’s position on key regulatory requirements for consultation and establishes the factors that influence NOPSEMA’s decision-making.

Stakeholder engagement and transparency work program score card - Q4 2016 (PDF 173KB) has been prepared to track the status of the implementation of the program's initiatives. 

Have your say

NOPSEMA is now seeking feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of initiatives implemented as part of our Stakeholder Engagement and Transparency Strategic Improvement Program. Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback by participating in the 2017 stakeholder survey. Your input is appreciated and will assist NOPSEMA in identifying future improvement initiatives. The closing date to complete the survey is Friday, 31 March 2017.