GN1488 - Oil pollution risk management - Rev 2 - February 2018

NOPSEMA developed its Oil pollution risk management guidance note (PDF 465KB) to provide titleholders with clarification on the regulatory requirements for oil pollution risk assessment as well as the content and level of detail required in an oil pollution emergency plan (OPEP) which in turn supports the development of an acceptable environment plan submission.

While the level of detail provided in any submission to NOPSEMA should be relative to the nature and scale of a proposed activity and its complexity, the guidance note presents a range of considerations that provide an indication of the type and scope of information that may be relevant when developing an environment plan and OPEP.

The oil pollution guidance note supplements the Environment plan content requirements (PDF 953KB). While both documents focus on the content requirement of an environment plan, the environment plan guidance note discusses the purpose of each regulation and the oil pollution guidance note provides additional information on the application of the regulations to oil pollution risk management.

Note: The guidance note is not a “how to guide” on oil pollution risk assessment, contingency planning, implementation of spill control measures or OPEP design. It is also not intended to replace technical spill response guidance published by other government and industry bodies.

The guidance note does not address the relative merits of different oil pollution risk assessment methods, oil pollution control measures or options for OPEP design and structure. There are a number of technical oil pollution risk assessment and contingency planning guidance documents published by a range of government and industry sources addressing these topics for titleholders to consider.