Transitioning to transparency – ep guidance open for comment

26 March, 2019

On 25 April 2019, new regulations that facilitate improved transparency of environment plans (EPs) will take effect. This will involve the publication of all EPs and introduce a public comment period for seismic and exploratory drilling proposals. See the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia's announcement for details. 

To support an understanding of the changes and assist stakeholders in their readiness for EP publication and public comment processes, NOPSEMA has updated existing, and developed new guidance to facilitate a smooth transition to transparency. NOPSEMA is seeking feedback and input on these documents to ensure that they are clear, helpful and address the key information needs of our stakeholders.

Interested stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the guidance and we ask that this is done so in a constructive and meaningful manner. NOPSEMA has developed the following prompts to assist stakeholders in providing feedback.  

  • Does the guidance provide clear, concise advice that will be helpful in the preparation of EPs for publication and for public comment?
  • Are there specific areas of the guidance that require additional work or clarification? If so please provide document and section/page references.
  • What is the most helpful section of the guidance and why?
  • What is the most confusing or unhelpful section of the guidance and why?
  • Collectively, have these guidance documents helped me to understand the transparency changes and how I can best be prepared?

Please submit all comments to by no later than COB 10 April 2019.


  • environmental management
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