Published: operational risk assessment guidance note

16 October, 2019

Following two rounds of industry feedback and an operational risk assessment (ORA) workshop, NOPSEMA has finalised its Operational risk assessment guidance note.

The guidance note aims to help operators develop, implement and maintain robust procedures to address the degradation of safety-critical equipment, or abnormal operational situation, which would compromise safety and increase the risk of a major accident event. It also seeks to clarify NOPSEMA’s expectations of operators in managing periods where safety-critical equipment does not meet performance standards as outlined in accepted permissioning documents.

NOPSEMA has taken into consideration all comments received during its consultation and workshop. One area of concern for stakeholders relates to whether it will become mandatory for contingency measures to be incorporated within a facility’s safety case. While the guidance note makes it clear that there is no regulatory requirement to incorporate such measures, NOPSEMA has found deficiencies in many operators’ implementation of management of change systems and associated risk assessments. As a result, operators are encouraged to include them to avoid potential enforcement or production disruption.

NOPSEMA also received feedback about the need for further workshops on associated issues including dangerous occurrence notification and reporting and performance standards. Opportunities for further joint workshops will be considered. However, we encourage the industry to explore its own opportunities to develop its own guidance material in consultation with NOPSEMA.

NOPSEMA would like to thank those who provided comments or participated in the workshop.


  • occupational health & safety
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