NOPSEMA’s revised organisational structure

01 February, 2024

NOPSEMA’s organisational structure has been revised to provide a sustainable and integrated approach to respond to current and future changes in our regulatory environment.

Following an in-depth organisational review, the reorganisation which came into effect on 31 January 2024 introduces two new Deputy CEO positions for our two regulatory divisions.

Cameron Grebe, who has been with NOPSEMA for many years, will take on the role of Deputy CEO, Strategic Regulation and Improvement.

Graham Blair, who joined us in December following more than 20 years with Shell in both Australia and internationally, takes on the role of Deputy CEO, Regulatory Operations.

Commenting on the restructure, NOPSEMA CEO Sue McCarrey said: “This more integrated regulatory operations structure focuses on the evolution of regulation and investment in appropriate resources to regulate the industry through compliance activities and into the future with strategic regulation and improvement.

“These changes are important to help achieve our vision of a protected offshore workforce and environment and to fulfil our purpose to assure the protection of lives and the environment,” Sue said.

“But what’s worth remembering is that while we will have some new titles and positions, assessment and compliance processes under the regulations will remain unchanged.”

Industry stakeholders should continue to engage with their primary NOPSEMA contacts and will be advised of any changes that may occur to the NOPSEMA personnel with whom they ordinarily engage.

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