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Posted at 29 September, 2023

Scarborough Court Decision

Posted at 28 September, 2023

NOPSEMA's Compliance Strategy 2023 released

26 July, 2023

NOPSEMA has released the Compliance Strategy 2023 to inform stakeholders of how we intend to foster a culture of voluntary compliance and how we will treat and deter non-compliance across the offshore energy industry in Commonwealth waters.

The new document consists of eight elements that outline how NOPSEMA will drive continuous improvement in the offshore energy industry to a point of consistent and intentional compliance.

NOPSEMA will actively engage and educate the regulated community to encourage and support voluntary compliance and will ensure our response to any non-compliance is proportionate to the risks posed and behaviour of the industry including their compliance history.

By implementing the Compliance Strategy 2023, NOPSEMA will support a safe and environmentally responsible offshore energy industry and maintain community and Government trust in its regulation.

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