NOPSEMA undertakes staged return to physical offshore inspections

10 July, 2020

NOPSEMA is implementing a staged return to physical inspections at offshore oil and gas facilities in line with appropriate protocols to manage health risks associated with COVID-19.

While NOPSEMA’s inspections have continued throughout the pandemic, they have been conducted remotely in order to comply with physical distancing and health and safety requirements.

In recognition of the significant challenges created by COVID-19 and evolving circumstances, NOPSEMA has released an updated COVID-19 Compliance Strategy to support an effective regulatory and industry response throughout the pandemic.

The impacts of COVID-19 on the community and industry continue to be assessed and managed by industry, with NOPSEMA ensuring the processes of regulatory assessment and oversight are occurring, in accordance with legislative requirements and varying local conditions, health risks and circumstances across the country.

 NOPSEMA plans to recommence offshore inspections in early August, subject to the appropriate controls and arrangements in place to protect the health of all personnel involved. 


  • occupational health & safety
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