NOPSEMA Research Strategy now available

01 March, 2022

As Australia's independent regulator for offshore energy operations in Commonwealth waters, NOPSEMA uses quality research outputs to support our ability to effectively fulfil our role.

Currently, proponents commission monitoring and research to suit individual projects as it is needed and at times take a collaborative approach where it is warranted. There is an opportunity for industry to take a more collaborative and transparent approach to addressing common research priorities across a broader range of industry activities in order to utilise its resources more effectively, meet the needs of a broader suite of end-users and more effectively tailor research outputs to support offshore activity management and regulatory approvals processes.

While NOPSEMA does not do, or commission, research it is in a unique position to identify key research gaps and priorities (related to science and research) across industry that lead to uncertainty in risk and impact assessments and activity management.

In response, NOPSEMA has been promoting industry-wide collaborative approaches for addressing key research priorities in recent years, and have now formalised our approach in the NOPSEMA Research Strategy.

The strategy aims to provide industry with a clear vision for enhanced research outcomes and includes NOPSEMA’s goals and role in supporting that vision. The Research Strategy will be accompanied by a regularly updated list of research priorities, based on current and emerging issues, to help guide industry and research community funding and design decisions.

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