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Posted at 29 September, 2023

Scarborough Court Decision

Posted at 28 September, 2023

The NOPSEMA regulatory policy – Section 572 Maintenance and removal of property has been updated and released

09 December, 2022

NOPSEMA has published the revised regulatory policy on Section 572 – Maintenance and removal of property.

Section 572 of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 (OPGGS Act) places duties on titleholders in relation to the maintenance and removal of structures, equipment, wells and other property brought onto title.

The section 572 regulatory policy sets out the principles that NOPSEMA will apply in the administration of section 572 of the OPGGS Act. The policy will assist industry in understanding NOPSEMA expectations regarding the maintenance and removal of all property brought into a title area. It will also assist titleholders when preparing regulatory permissioning documents to ensure that maintenance and removal requirements are adequately addressed.

The revised policy continues to reflect the principles that NOPSEMA applies in the context of existing legislative and administrative framework.

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