NOPSEMA publishes source control planning and procedures information paper

16 June, 2021

NOPSEMA has published the source control planning and procedures information paper to inform on NOPSEMA’s expectations with regards to source control planning content of the Environment Plan (EP), Well Operating Management Plan (WOMP) and the Source Control Emergency Response Plan (SCERP), and describe the regulatory assessment focus with regards to source control content of the EP and the WOMP and the compliance monitoring process and focus of the SCERP.

A loss of well control (LOWC) incident is one of the biggest risks to the offshore petroleum industry, requiring thorough and detailed response planning so that impacts and risks can be reduced to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). The Offshore Petroleum Production and Greenhouse Gas (OPGGS) (RMA) Regulations and OPGGS (Environment) Regulations contain provisions for LOWC response planning, control measures and arrangements.

The information paper identifies the source control activities that would require a safety case to demonstrate the activity can be undertaken safely, and provides context regarding regulatory expectations of the Safety Case inclusions. The SCERP content expectations presented in this Information Paper are consistent with IOGP Report 594 and IOGP Report 592.

Reference material for developing a SCERP, complete with source control information requirements of the EP and WOMP, can be found in the APPEA Australian Offshore Titleholders Source Control Guideline.

To view the full information paper please visit our information papers page.

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