NOPSEMA publishes revised Decommissioning Compliance Strategy

21 February, 2024

NOPSEMA has published its revised five-year Decommissioning Compliance Strategy 2024 – 2029, consistent with our vision that decommissioning of offshore petroleum wells, structures and property is completed in a timely, safe, and environmentally responsible manner.

This Strategy outlines the actions NOPSEMA will take to achieve its vision for decommissioning all petroleum wells, structures, equipment and property in Commonwealth waters.

NOPSEMA’s objectives are to ensure titleholders have appropriate plans in place for decommissioning, provide certainty to industry regarding their obligations relating to decommissioning, improve understanding and build capacity in safe and responsible decommissioning, and encourage knowledge sharing with all stakeholders.

To achieve our vision, NOPSEMA has set a range of targets that provide simple, time-based expectations for decommissioning.

These targets aim to minimise uncertainty, support the transparency of NOPSEMA’s regulatory actions and help ensure consistent, transparent and risk-based regulatory decisions.

You can read the strategy and more on our Decommissioning strategy, plan and performance webpage.

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