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Posted at 29 September, 2023

Scarborough Court Decision

Posted at 28 September, 2023

NOPSEMA publishes examples of better practice

17 September, 2020

NOPSEMA is sharing responses from offshore facility operators specific to managing risks associated with COVID-19, including measures to reduce risks associated with fatigue and psychosocial hazards to members of the workforce, as a means of encouraging better practice across the industry.

In early March 2020, NOPSEMA sought information from facility operators to establish what steps were being taken to provide and maintain a physical environment that is safe and without risk to health in response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 (C19). Information was collected via a survey, with better practices later shared across industry to facilitate continuous improvement and better practice. Feedback from industry, members of the workforce and their representatives indicated that this was a positive contribution to improving worker health risk management.

It now appears that a rapid recovery to pre-COVID-19 conditions is unlikely. It is more likely that the impacts of C19 will continue for an indefinite period of time, both within Australia and globally. As such, psychosocial and fatigue risks associated with variable work schedules and ongoing uncertainty should be reconsidered in light of the current C19 outlook within Australia.

Facility operators are encouraged to review the shared information published on NOPSEMA's website and identify opportunities to improve their current systems and practices.

Members of the offshore workforce are encouraged to use the information as a prompt to review current practice on their facilities and to engage in consultation with facility management to adopt better practice where possible.

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