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Posted at 29 September, 2023

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The latest issue of the Regulator magazine

13 October, 2021

In this issue, we highlight NOPSEMA’s strategic compliance focus on the prevention of major accident events (MAEs) and the importance of ensuring duty holders are taking all reasonably practicable steps to protect the health and safety of the workforce and minimise the environmental impact of their offshore operations.

The Regulator Issue 3 October 2021

Message from the Chief Executive

MAEs are rare but leave a devastating legacy, with their anniversaries serving as a harsh reminder of the significant risks associated with working in a high-hazard industry, such as offshore oil and gas. Read more...

Preventing major accident events

NOPSEMA expects the day-to-day safety of the workforce to be at the forefront of all operations. A crucial aspect of this is recognising the importance of process safety and its focus on preventing MAEs. Read more...

Inspection policy open for comment

NOPSEMA is adopting a new approach to its inspections, striking a balance between undertaking regular inspections of all facilities and activities with more frequent inspections of facilities and activities posing a higher risk or likelihood of non-compliance. Read more...

Deferred maintenance – a major industry challenge?

Timely and appropriate maintenance, particularly for safety-critical equipment, is a key safety control measure in the prevention of harm and the protection of the environment. Read more...

Leadership, commitment, and responsibility

NOPSEMA is implementing a program where we collect and review information relating to the degree to which senior executives and boards have sufficient oversight of, and accountability for, the control of major accident hazards. Read more...

Misuse of management of change

NOPSEMA is concerned duty holders may be failing to properly manage change following several instances where the MoC process was used to justify deviations from permissioning documents without regard for the increase in risk. Read more...

Safe isolation of plant and equipment

Failures during isolation and reinstatement of plant and equipment are a significant cause of loss of containment incidents and potential MAEs. Read more...

Workforce involvement

NOPSEMA sees the participation of the workforce as a central element to health and safety management on any facility. Read more...

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