Information for the community: Consultation on offshore petroleum environment plans

11 May, 2023

The protection and preservation of the marine environment is best achieved when there are opportunities for the community to participate in the environmental approvals process through consultation.

NOPSEMA has recently published a Consultation on offshore petroleum environment plans brochure.

The brochure has been created for members of the community who may be 'relevant persons' under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Environment) Regulations 2009 (the regulations).

Relevant persons have the right to be consulted on proposed offshore petroleum activities while the titleholder is preparing their environment plan to be submitted to NOPSEMA for assessment and approval.

The brochure seeks to help community members who may be relevant persons understand the consultation requirements in accordance with the regulations and recent case law, what to expect when participating in consultation with titleholders, and how to effectively participate to ensure their views are considered in the environmental approval process.

Titleholders are encouraged to share the brochure with any relevant person they seek to consult with while preparing their environment plan.

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