Increase to offshore Industry levies

26 June, 2024

Offshore industry levies will increase 13 per cent from 1 July 2024 following the Hon Minister King’s approval of NOPSEMA’s 2024-2026 Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS).

The CRIS assesses the adequacy of NOPSEMA’s cost recovery arrangements to ensure it can continue to deliver regulatory activities effectively and in a timely manner. It also reports financial and non-financial performance information and contains financial estimates for the budget and three forward years. 

CEO Sue McCarrey said the CRIS provides details on the specific cost drivers for proposed increases. 

“In summary, NOPSEMA now has an increased need for specialist staff to support the work around environment plan assessments, with a focus on First Nations consultation and culture heritage,” she said. 

“The primary drivers are inflationary pressures driving up the Consumer Price Index and mandatory Australian Public Service wage increases.”

A fee arrangement for a new regulatory provision, the Facility Design Notification Scheme, was also introduced.

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