Have your say: NOPSEMA regulatory policy on Section 270

21 December, 2021

When a titleholder submits an application to the Joint Authority (JA) for consent to surrender title, the JA will consult with NOPSEMA with respect to titleholder compliance with section 270 of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act (OPPGS Act).

To assist industry in understanding what NOPSEMA takes into account when considering if it is satisfied that titleholders have complied with the relevant criteria in section 270 of the OPGGS Act, NOPSEMA have released a draft policy Section 270 – Consent to surrender title for comment.

The policy explains key information required by NOPSEMA and the principles it has adopted when advising the JA on applications to consent to surrender a title.

To ensure that all interested parties have the opportunity to comment over the holiday period, we have extended the deadline to review the policy and provide feedback to Tuesday, 8th February 2022. Please submit all comments to NOPSEMA through our consultation hub

Page last updated: January 25, 2022 3:36pm