Compliance strategy

NOPSEMA's Compliance Strategy is a strategic policy document that outlines the compliance framework and principles applied by NOPSEMA in undertaking its regulatory activities. The strategy aims to ensure that offshore petroleum activities are carried out in a safe and environmentally responsible way by encouraging, monitoring and enforcing compliance with the law.

NOPSEMA’s approach to compliance is reflected in its core and non-core regulatory activities comprising advice and promotion, assessment, inspection, investigation, and enforcement. The Compliance Strategy explains the linkages between these activities and how regulatory intelligence is used to improve safety and environmental outcomes.

The below diagram indicates the overarching nature of the Compliance Strategy in relation to other key NOPSEMA policies.

Compliance strategy diagram

Consultation process outcomes

In August 2016, NOPSEMA invited stakeholders to review and provide comment on NOPSEMA's Compliance Strategy. NOPSEMA has compiled a summary of the feedback received along with NOPSEMA's considerations and subsequent response. Following the feedback evaluation process, NOPSEMA has made a number of updates and clarifications to key policies, including the inspection and enforcement policies. For more information see the Compliance Strategy feedback summary (PDF 180KB).