International collaboration

NOPSEMA seesk to reinforce its international standing and access to leading regulatory practice through its active involvement in various international forums and groups. Particular priority is given to the International Regulators’ Forum (IRF) and the International Offshore Petroleum Environment Regulators (IOPER) group comprising regulatory bodies from leading international jurisdictions for offshore petroleum safety and environmental management.

International Regulators’ Forum 

The IRF is a group of eleven national regulators of health and safety in the offshore upstream oil and gas industry. It exists to drive forward improvements in health and safety in the sector through collaboration in joint programs, and through sharing information.

In 2013, NOPSEMA hosted the International Regulators Offshore Safety Conference and is once again honoured to host this important conference in Perth, Western Australia in the later half of 2021. 

Details of the IRF members, annual meetings and conferences are published on its website.

International Offshore Petroleum Environment Regulators 

IOPER is a collaborative group of national regulators dedicated to raising environmental performance standards within the offshore petroleum exploration and production industry.
Many of the IOPER members also have an association with the International Regulators Forum.

Details of the IOPER members, annual meetings and events can be found on its website.


Sharing information

The Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 (the OPGGS Act) provides for the using and sharing of offshore information or things with Australian agencies for particular purposes. NOPSEMA's Sharing information with Australian and international agencies policy (PDF 169KB) provides another mechanism for the using and sharing of internal information with international agencies.