Secure web browsing

With the exception of our invitation to subscribe to newsletters, as at 1 January 2012, we do not request or accept any information through our website. Any web pages that request information on behalf of NOPSEMA should be treated as unsafe and we would like you to report them to us by email at

All access to our websites is logged. If any inappropriate behaviour should occur, this will assist us in identifying and resolving the issue.

We strongly recommend that you follow the security advice published by the Australian Government’s Cyber Security Operations Centre, which you can download from:

You should report any suspicious or unauthorised activity relating to your use of by contacting us by email at This will help us to make our website as secure as possible.

Email and document security classifications and sensitivity markers

NOPSEMA classifies or 'tags' its email communications to indicate the extent of any sensitivities or security matters in the contents of the communication. The markings are a requirement of the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) that applies to Australian Government agencies.

  • Government recipients of these marked messages are required to handle and store them according to the PSPF guidelines.

  • All other recipients are not obliged to do so. They are also not expected to use the marking scheme in documents sent to NOPSEMA. However, it’s good practice to indicate whether the contents are sensitive in any way, so that recipients are alerted to handle the information appropriately.

For Official Use Only

Emails and documents exchanged between NOPSEMA and duty holders will most commonly be marked 'For Official Use Only'. This is a dissemination limiting marker, intended to signify information which needs a degree of protection and should not be disseminated beyond those who have a need to know. This includes information which has been provided by duty holders with an expectation that NOPSEMA will manage the information according to the purpose for which it was intended. The marking 'For Official Use Only' includes material previously marked 'Commercial in Confidence.'

Materials on the web site

Any material published to NOPSEMA’s public web site has been authorised for release, and may be assumed to be UNCLASSIFIED, even though it may not bear such marking. This includes forms that, once completed and submitted to NOPSEMA, will be marked by NOPSEMA as 'For Official Use Only'. NOPSEMA will apply markings to template versions of specific forms if necessary.

If you have any questions about the use of protective markings, please direct them to