Raising and resolving safety concerns on your facility

Continued safe operation of offshore petroleum facilities depends on the willingness of all members of the workforce to identify and report safety concerns, and for facility management to resolve those concerns. Offshore facilities should have processes in place to ensure that safety concerns are reported and resolved in a timely manner. This page provides information for members of the workforce on how to raise or escalate a safety concern.

What should I do if I have a safety concern?

In general, safety concerns should be promptly and constructively raised with your Health and Safety Representative (HSR), your supervisor, or the health and safety committee. In our experience, almost every safety concern can be resolved through the workplace arrangements on a facility, when those arrangements are working properly. However, if you are unsatisfied with the response you have received you can escalate the matter to NOPSEMA.

NOPSEMA’s jurisdiction

NOPSEMA’s jurisdiction includes the health and safety of people while they are physically located at or near an offshore facility. Concerns relating to these matters should be addressed to NOPSEMA and will be considered and dealt with according to our usual processes.

Concerns relating to industrial relations matters, such as pay and other workplace entitlements, should be referred to the relevant industrial relations body. Matters relating to onshore health and safety arrangements should be referred to the relevant state safety regulator.

For examples of matters that are within and outside of NOPSEMA’s jurisdiction, please refer to our FAQ page.

How can I contact NOPSEMA?

Our preference is for you to telephone us – this helps us to properly understand the concern and decide how to proceed. The contact number for our on-call inspector is 1300 674 472.

If you are unable to access a telephone while offshore, and the safety concern is not urgent, you could choose to telephone us during your off-swing.

If you are unable to telephone, the next best option is email. This allows us to respond to you and gather more information about your concern, and to update you on any outcomes. Our email address is information@nopsema.gov.au

Where telephone and email contact is not possible, we have developed an online form which is currently being implemented on a trial basis. Please provide as much detail as possible, and include a way for us to contact you for further information. You can also tell us when you would prefer us to contact you, for example by providing us with dates when you will be off-swing, if that is your preference.

Will NOPSEMA protect my identity?

If you do not want us to disclose your identity, you can inform us of this during the telephone or email contact, or by selecting the check box on the form. We will then make every effort to safeguard your identity.

We recognise that, in some situations, facility management may be able to guess the identity of an individual from the nature of the concern being raised. In these situations, we will talk with you to explore the range of possible responses and identify which option is preferable.

If you choose not to disclose your name or decline to provide any contact information to NOPSEMA, please be aware that this may significantly limit our ability to act in response to your concern.  

To escalate a concern to NOPSEMA using our online form, please click here.