Information papers

Information papers provide further information, background and practices on a topic to foster improved outcomes. 

Environmental management

Consultation and public comment

Making public comment on offshore project proposals information paper (PDF 239KB)

Five yearly revisions of environment plans

Considerations for five year revisions information paper (PDF 178KB)

Acoustic impacts

Acoustic impact evaluation and management information paper (PDF 721KB)

Monitoring programs

Operational and scientific monitoring programs information paper (PDF 2MB)

Streamlining environmental regulation

Streamlining environmental regulation of petroleum activities in Commonwealth waters information paper (PDF 177KB)

Reducing marine pest biosecurity through good practice biofouling management 

Reducing marine pest biosecurity risks through good practice biofouling management information Paper (PDF 387KB)

Safety and integrity

MODU mooring systems

MODU mooring systems in cyclonic conditions information paper (PDF 242KB)

OHS legislative framework

Offshore OHS legislative framework information paper (PDF 61KB)