Open for comment: Environment plan assessment guidance


Since 2012, NOPSEMA has developed a series of guidance documents to inform and assist stakeholders in understanding NOPSEMA’s decision-making on environment plans and advise titleholders on how to interpret and meet the requirements of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Environment) Regulations 2009 (Environment Regulations). This guidance is comprised of a number of different document types, including:

  • policies that provide NOPSEMA’s interpretation of legislative provisions

  • guidelines that provide NOPSEMA guidance on how to meet legislative requirements

  • guidance notes that provide NOPSEMA’s expectations on an environmental management topic

  • information papers that provide further information, background and practices to foster improved environmental management outcomes.

In November 2017, the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Senator the Hon Matthew Canavan, announced a series of changes to improve the transparency of offshore petroleum environmental management. The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science has commenced work to develop the necessary regulatory amendments.

In preparation for these changes, NOPSEMA is now seeking feedback on its guidance documents relating to the assessment of environment plan.

Guidance open for comment

NOPSEMA is seeking comment on the following key documents:

Comments may also be provided on any other published environmental management guidance document on the Environment Resources page.

How to provide comment

Comments are to be provided by 31 August 2018 using the ONLINE SURVEY. Enquiries should be directed to

Next steps

NOPSEMA will consider the feedback received during the public comment period and may also conduct further consultation with stakeholders to address comments received. NOPSEMA will aim to publish a report by the end of 2018 to collate the comments received and provide a response on the merits of the feedback.