COVID-19 update

News announcement - Published 13 March, 2020

NOPSEMA is responding to the significant risk posed by the COVID-19 virus and its potential impact on the health of the offshore industry workplace.

NOPSEMA is prioritising this health risk over other routine work to ensure the offshore workforce is protected and supported.

The industry is also expected to focus on this rapidly developing health risk in addition to their continued attention to other activity risks.

As such, NOPSEMA has been proactive in obtaining operator preparedness information and sharing it with industry.

A program of inspections has been designed to enhance NOPSEMA’s knowledge of operator actions, which will create ongoing information sharing opportunities for industry.

Until such time as the risk is better understood and known to be effectively managed, NOPSEMA will allocate resources to this work, ahead of some routine inspections, and selectively inspect offshore facilities in response to significant incidents.


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  • occupational health & safety