NOPSEMA concludes compliance monitoring of the Baleen seismic survey

News announcement - Published 3 September, 2018

NOPSEMA has concluded its compliance monitoring of the Baleen 2D HR Seismic Survey conducted by Asset Energy Pty Ltd (Asset Energy) in petroleum title PEP-11.

The seismic survey was conducted more than 20km offshore from the Newcastle coast from 15-19 April. NOPSEMA undertook two inspections of the activity including before, and during the survey, having two NOPSEMA inspectors on board the vessel for the duration of the activity.

No whales were observed prior to, during or after the survey activities, and NOPSEMA inspectors confirmed the activity was managed to an acceptable level in accordance with the accepted Environment Plan. While NOPSEMA was aware of claims of whale remains washing up on beaches, following enquiries into the matter, it was determined that the death or injury of a whale attributed the survey was not credible. 

NOPSEMA issued a general direction to Asset Energy to ensure that relevant information regarding the survey was made available to interested persons on an ongoing basis. The final requirement of the direction is that Asset Energy prepare and publish an Environment Performance Report to NOPSEMA’s satisfaction. This requirement has now been met and a copy of the report can be found on Asset Energy’s website (

NOPSEMA has not received any further submissions, including environment plans, from Asset Energy for assessment.

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