NOPSEMA issues General Direction to Asset Energy Pty Ltd

News announcement - Published 29 March, 2018

On 10 January 2018 NOPSEMA accepted an environment plan from Asset Energy Pty Ltd for the proposed Baleen 2D seismic survey in Commonwealth waters offshore NSW.

Following acceptance, a summary of the environment plan and a statement of reasons for NOPSEMA’s decision to accept the environment plan was published on the NOPSEMA website.

Through a number of channels, including direct engagement with stakeholders based in NSW and correspondence received from external parties, NOPSEMA established that ongoing interest existed within the community regarding the provision of information and engagement in relation to the survey by Asset Energy Pty Ltd.

NOPSEMA has issued a general direction to Asset Energy Pty Ltd to ensure that relevant information regarding the proposed survey is available to interested persons on an ongoing basis. 

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