New information paper on considerations for five-year environment plan revisions

News announcement - Published 23 January, 2018

The National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) has published a new Considerations for five year revisions information paper. NOPSEMA has published the paper to advise titleholders on what to consider during the preparation of a five-year revision to an environment plan for long-term activities, such as operating facilities.

Typically, environment plans for long-term activities are the most complex as they cover the life of a hydrocarbon field. These activities often involve emissions and discharges to the environment and the risk of spills from large hydrocarbon inventories. NOPSEMA’s goal is to increase the efficiency with which a five-year revision to an environment plan is prepared and assessed, and to increase the effectiveness of these plans in managing environmental impacts and risks throughout the life of an activity.

The information paper identifies key assessment and compliance focus areas for the next five years and highlights some recent updates to legislation and guidance of which titleholders should be aware when preparing a five-year revision. Advice is also provided on scoping an environment plan as broadly as possible, so that it remains relevant throughout its maximum five-year period and as a result does not require additional revisions.

NOPSEMA encourages titleholders who may be preparing a five-year revision to an environment plan to seek advice relevant to their situation well ahead of submission. For more information see the information paper or email

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