Enforcement action related to the Ocean Monarch facility

News announcement - Published 21 December, 2017

The National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) has taken OHS enforcement action against BHP Billiton Petroleum Pty Ltd (BHP), Diamond Offshore General Company (Diamond), and Expro Group Australia Pty Ltd (EXPRO) in relation to non-compliances associated with well abandonment activities carried out on the Ocean Monarch facility. The enforcement includes Improvement Notices issued to Diamond and EXPRO, and a General Direction issued to BHP. While the non-compliances relate to activities that have concluded, it is essential that duty holders ensure they remain compliant with legislative requirements through the duration of all activities. The Improvement Notices and the General Direction require Diamond, EXPRO and BHP Billiton to take appropriate measures to prevent or reduce OHS risks. Detailed and specific actions for each duty holder are included in the respective Improvement Notices and the General Direction.

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