NOPSEMA regulatory correspondence - no more snail mail

News announcement - Published 31 January, 2017

Currently much of NOPSEMA’s outgoing regulatory correspondence, such as letters to duty holders advising of NOPSEMA regulatory decisions, are both emailed and posted. From 1 February 2017, all outgoing regulatory communications from NOPSEMA will only be sent via electronic means, such as email or secure file transfer. Electronic documents sent by NOPSEMA will be in searchable Portable Document Format (PDF) and will have an electronic authorisation number in place of a signature (a unique number and date-stamp).

This change is aimed at improving the way NOPSEMA manages regulatory correspondence. It will also eliminate unnecessary duplication and waste, as well as aligning with industry, which is already providing all correspondence to NOPSEMA electronically.

  • Categories:
  • diving operations
  • environmental management
  • occupational health & safety
  • structural & well integrity