NOPSEMA grants BP an extension to provide further information

News announcement - Published 28 October, 2016

On 28 September 2016, NOPSEMA requested further information from BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd (BP) relating to their environment plan for drilling of the Stromlo-1 and Whinham-1 exploration wells in the Great Australian Bight. On 28 October, NOPSEMA granted a request from BP for an extension to the timeframe to provide this information.

While NOPSEMA is aware of BP’s announcement on 11 October that it will not be progressing its exploration drilling programme in the Great Australian Bight, under the Environment Regulations NOPSEMA must continue its assessment process until the environment plans are formally withdrawn or the assessment process is completed. To date NOPSEMA has not received a withdrawal request from BP.

The decision to grant an extension to the timeframe for provision of further information is a normal part of the assessment process. It is NOPSEMA’s policy to grant a titleholders request for an extension where NOPSEMA determines the request to be reasonable. The requested information is now expected to be provided by 31 December.

NOPSEMA has updated the status of the assessment on the Great Australian Bight Exploration Drilling Programme (Stromlo-1 and Whinham-1) activity page. Stakeholders are encouraged to subscribe to the page to receive email alerts of any changes.

Any questions regarding BP’s activities that are unrelated to NOPSEMA’s assessment process should be directed to BP.

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