BP announcement on plans for the Great Australian Bight

News announcement - Published 11 October, 2016

NOPSEMA is aware of the announcement by BP Developments Australia (BP) on 11 October that it will not be progressing its exploration drilling programme in the Great Australian Bight. This decision by BP not to proceed with plans to drill exploration wells is a commercial decision for the company, and questions regarding the decision should be addressed to BP.

NOPSEMA has made no further notification to BP following a request for information issued on 28 September, in relation to their environment plan for the drilling of the Whinham-1 and Stromlo-1 wells. The environment plans submitted by BP for drilling in the Great Australian Bight remain under assessment by NOPSEMA. This assessment process will proceed until the environment plans are withdrawn by BP. NOPSEMA has not received a withdrawal request.

To date NOPSEMA has had productive dialogue with BP and other stakeholders, including community interests such as fisheries and environmental groups. NOPSEMA will continue to engage with industry, other interested stakeholders, and the wider community.

Questions regarding the plans of other companies holding titles in the Great Australian Bight should be directed to the specific companies.

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