Equipment integrity in offshore oil and gas operations

News announcement - Published 12 September, 2016

In response to media reporting and related commentary, regarding potential safety concerns of some offshore oil and gas drilling equipment, NOPSEMA wishes to clarify actions taken in Australia regarding this matter.

In early 2013 NOPSEMA contacted all drilling rig operators in Australian waters requesting them to inspect the connector bolts used in offshore equipment such as risers and subsea blowout preventers (BOPs). This request related to a recall by the connector bolt manufacturer, General Electric (GE). As a result of this request by NOPSEMA, an inspection program was undertaken by all operators of offshore oil and gas facilities. Any bolts from the batch of GE manufactured bolts subject to the recall were immediately replaced by operators.

While no incidents involving the failure of subsea bolts have occurred in Australian waters, NOPSEMA continues to follow-up during planned inspections of facilities to confirm that operators are ensuring that all equipment, including risers and subsea BOPs, remains fit for purpose.

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